Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany


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Frankfurt Germany

Frankfurt-am-Main is Germany’s major finance and business metropolis and its most cosmopolitan city. Dubbed “Mainhattan” due to its glitzy skyscrapers, it is also a thriving cultural centre, with important scientific research centres and universities, a lovely opera, many theatres and a rich collection of museums. The Römerberg is the historic heart of Frankfurt. In the centre of this gorgeous square we find a copy of the statue of Justice. In the southern end we have the cute Nikolai Church and to the west we have the famous Römer, the city hall which is composed of several building, dating back to the 15th and 16th century. Nearby we find the Goethe House, Frankfurt’s most treasured museum, it conveys a sense of the Goethe family’s bourgeois opulence. Behind the Historischer Garten, the historic garden, where you can walk among Roman and Carolingian excavations, the Frankfurter Dom rises. Frankfurt's main Catholic church held crowning ceremonies for the Holy Roman Emperors. This old Gothic style church is one of the most important churches in German history. Climb the tower for a stunning view of the city. The city’s nightlife is fascinating and wide-ranging. Its traditional live jazz scene is still kicking and a slew of trendy new bars offer visitors the chance to indulge on a night around town. On top of that, Frankfurt is crammed with amazing clubs for those who can happily dance until the early hours of the morning.
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Frankfurt Main (FRA)
Points of interest
  • Römer
  • Liebieghaus
  • Museumsufer
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